Beth’s Story

In 2012, I lived in North Carolina, all my family had moved to Indiana and left me behind. I was a single mom to a beautiful 9 month old baby girl. My family didn’t support me because having a child outside of wedlock was against their religion. They gave me the phone number to Noble House and said if I wanted to move to Indiana I would have to go there. I called Noble House and from the beginning they were so sweet and caring. I explained to them that I was in North Carolina and I needed to know for sure I would have a place to live there before I came. They did a phone interview and saved me a room. With in 24 hrs I flew up with just a duffle bag full of my daughters stuff. My mom picked me up from the airport and dropped me off at the Noble house. I was terrified. I had seen other homeless shelters and they were scary and nowhere I’d want my daughter to be. When I got to Noble House it was more of a family environment. They were so sweet and welcoming. There were other women and children who all looked happy and healthy. I felt better about being there. I was able to stay there as long as I needed to work and save money until I could get a place of our own. They had many resources for me to be able to accomplish my goals! My daughter grew up there for 18 months surrounded by love. I was able to get off government assistance and get my own place during that time. I would not change that experience for anything. It taught me so much about life. It also gave me a family that even to this day, 8 years later, love me and support me no matter what.