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As of January 2019, 5,471 people are experiencing homelessess on any given day in Indiana. Of these people, 544 are family households, 572 are veterans, 258 are young adults ages 18-24, and 366 are chronically homeless.

Domestic Violence

1,354 domestic violence victims found refuge in emergency shelters or transitional housing provided by local domestic violence programs. 717 adults and children received non-residential assistance and services, including counseling, legal advocacy, and children’s support groups.


In 2010 the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reported that 24,054 were admitted for alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

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Since January 1, 2021 Noble House has sheltered many women and children.


Autumn’s Story

Overcoming the power of addiction is no easy achievement. Everyday can be a struggle against inner turmoil, guilt, and outside pressures. That’s where your faith comes in, even if its as small as a mustard seed.

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