Autumn’s Story

Hi my name is Autumn Morphew and I’m a grateful recovering addict. Growing up I came from a broken home. I lived with my mom and my mentally disabled brother. We definitely struggled. My dad lived 4 hours away so we only saw him every other weekend, and over time that faded into once or twice a year. My mom was always working so I had the responsibility of always looking out for and protecting my brother. My brother and I were both sexually abused by my mom’s 2nd husband at a young age and that’s when my self worth issues started. I was very close with my father and always hated leaving his house. We all thought he was an alcoholic, but even so I always felt he kept me safe. In high school I experimented with drugs and alcohol but was never a full blown addict. At 18 years old I got pregnant by a guy I had only known for 2 weeks. We had a beautiful baby boy. During my pregnancy he cheated on me and mentally and physically abused me and was always on drugs, but at the time I didn’t recognize it. It turned out to be crystal meth. Throughout all of that being young and naive, I chose to forgive him and marry him. For years after being married I found myself addicted to meth and opiates because I wanted to try to fit in and fix my marriage. In 2010 I went to jail for the 1st time for manufacturing meth when my husband was busted. We got out and I forgave him again and I found out I was pregnant again with my daughter. The week of my daughters 1st birthday I kicked my husband out and I had had enough and wanted a divorce. 6 months later my best friend (my dad) passed away and I lost my mind. I turned to opiates, meth, and eventually ended up shooting up heroin. In 5 years of being stuck in addiction I lost everything; myself, my kids, my family, my house, my car. Inb April of 2020 I sat in Allen Co Jail and surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. I begged him to take this addiction out of my body. I cried and pleased that I will not continue to abandon my kids and live this life anymore. I was released May 15th and called Noble House Ministries. That was one the scariest things I’ve ever done, but I knew if I didn’t change my life I was going to end up dead or in prison. My God held my hand and gave me the strength and courage to walk through those doors. I have never felt so much peace and comfort from the minute I got there. I felt safe like I could breathe. This program gave me a 2nd chance at life and I am forever grateful to the Noble House Ministries for pushing me and making me a better person. Today, I have my own home, I have regular visitations with my children and I’m involved with them in activities, I’m regularly attending meetings and helping at the Noble House with the peer mentor program, and I am almost a year clean!